Tackling Tight Access at Work

Tight Access, Ratchet, Hammerhead, Knuckle Busting, Ingersoll Rand
Whether it’s brakes, suspension or chassis work, access is always a critical issue for technicians. Applications in low clearance areas are often some of the most time consuming jobs because of conventional tool limitations.

We recently had the chance to speak with John Dwyre of Greg and Sons Auto Service in Wayne, New Jersey, about tight access applications. John is a technician with over 19 years of experience working in the family business.

“I have a 15 year old ratchet that for years was my first choice when tackling a job with restricted access. It does the job well, but then dealing with the kickback from the torque is always an issue.” The process took time, but it did get the job done, and he still has the ratchet.

He and his father both have a philosophy – a commitment to continually improve and get better at what they do, by trying new tools and new approaches to getting the job done. John chooses Ingersoll Rand for a good amount of his tools because he says “they provide a good bang for your buck and they are very reliable. “ He also says that in general, Ingersoll Rand’s low weight and ergonomic design are important to him. This combination of benefits allows him to have less physical stress, and be more productive with his time.

A technician’s profitability and success is often based on meeting book times, but sometimes the right tools can allow technicians to complete a day-long job in a couple of hours, which can have a substantial effect on a technician’s bottom line.

John has been using the Ingersoll Rand 2015MAX Hammerhead, which you can see at www.ingersollrandproducts.com/hammerhead, as his first choice when tackling jobs in tight spaces. “It works in about 90% of the applications I try it in, saving me a lot of time and allowing me to move on to the next job.” The Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead low-profile impact allows technicians to get into tight spots while more than doubling the power of a conventional ratchet, enabling technicians to be far more productive. When asked about some useful, time saving applications, John said, “I’ve recently used the Hammerhead on rear brake caliper brackets in newer GMC pick-up trucks, Chevy G-Series and C-series chassis, and alignments for GM truck chassis independent front suspensions to name a few.”

John chooses Ingersoll Rand for a good amount of his tools, but he does own tools from all kinds of tool makers. The bottom line is that he needs tools that get the job done the best way possible. Regular maintenance is key to your tool performing at its best, and lasting a long time, and regardless of what tools he chooses, he advises to do the simple things in order to get the most out of your tools. “A lot of times when people get new tools, they open it up and disregard the literature that comes with the product. Actually reading the manual can often reveal information on how to maximize a tool’s effectiveness.” He went on to say that reading through the manual may reveal a grease fitting near the trigger you may not have known about.

John Dwyre knows that choosing and using the right tool for the job can improve how you work, and at the end of the day, it’s more money in your pocket. Check out more applications for Hammerhead on YouTube at www.youtube.com/irtoolscom.